EE 372 Final Exam 100% Correct Answers

EE 372 Final Exam 100% Correct Answers

EE 372 Final Exam 100% Correct Answers
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1. In process control the desired value of a system is referred to as the__________?

2. In process control, the term the “process”, whatever it may be, may also be referred to as the ______________.

3. The device that exerts a direct influence on the process is called the _____________.

4. Control system objectives should include:

5. The response criterion that specifies that the amplitude of each peak of each cyclic response be a quarter of the preceding peak is called_________.

6. The mathematical relationship between the input of a block and the output of that block is known as the __________ __________.

7. The equation below describes the response of a __________________ order system.
8. The current through a RTD can cause the RTD to heat up. This factor is accounted for by use of the ____________________.

9. Type J, T, K, E, S, and R are all thermocouple types. The letter designates_______________.

10. Since Thermocouple voltages are small, great care should be taken to protect against electrical noise by_________________.

11. Strain gauges operate based on the change in ___________________ of a metal under stress.

12. The primary form of ____________ sensor is the accelerometer.

13. Flow across an orifice plate varies proportionally with the ___________ of the differential pressure.

14. A rotameter, a moving vane flow meter and a turbine flow meter all place ________________ in the flow of the material.

15. Elements of final control are:_______________.

16. A _________________ is required to condition the signal from a computer so that it might interact with process control equipment.

17. A simple device that can convert mechanical motion to pneumatic pressure levels is the __________________....

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