Eeeays Punishment

Eeeays Punishment

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Children are punished their parents, but it is leaved. Now, it cannot leave the problem unsettled. It may give rise to a serious trouble. Some countries are sanctioned by usage. However, corporal punishment should be banded several reasons. This essay will argue that “bad behavior” is really that children do not understand, and parents do not know about relationship with children. Finally, punishment causes anger and frustration.

One of the most important reasons is bad behavior. If parents beat children when parents do not hear or tall their children the reasons they do not understand that “why I am beaten”. It has problem between children and their friends. If parents will beat continue they hit their friends as well. They do something wrong without reasons. They cannot make friendship with friends.

Another reason is that parents do not know how to make relationship with their children. For instance, some parents think that beating children cannot without love. This means some parents have wrong mind. Beating children is not love expression. Their children probably do not feel parents love.

Next, cons of corporal punishment reason that spanking causes not only physical but also mental damage to children. For example, if children are hit from their parents they will anger and frustrate, so they lose confidence in oneself. Children who do not have confidence will be timid with people, and they are acted the bully.

In to sum up, this essay has explained about corporal punishment. There were wrong punishment of parents, parents who mistake that punishment is love, and children are damaged caused by punishment. It is undeniably that parents who hit their children should be fined because it leads problem between parents and children, or between children and their friends. The solution of this problem is that parents have to learn to give good models to how to acc. Teaching children to hit are an inappropriate way.

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