Effective Advertising and Implementation

Effective Advertising and Implementation

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Effective Advertising Planning and Implementation Paper
Clare Mawae
University of Phoenix

Effective Advertising Planning and Implementation Paper
The paper examines the island of Molokai as a destination through the organization of the Molokai Visitors Association (MVA). The island in the past has struggled in getting the advertising message of whom they are but in the last few years, the MVA has worked hard to bring a mix together that gives a strong advertising message to an audience both consumer and community. The past marketing and advertising efforts of Hawaii as a destination and the upcoming Sainthood of Father Damien has positioned the island well. The paper will examine some key elements of advertising that has helped to position the island favorably as a destination.
The Advertising Message
“What the company plans to say in its ads and how it plans to say it, both verbally and nonverbally, make up the advertising message” (Arens, 2008, p.257). The message of the advertisement must reach the intended audience expressed through a variety of media. The intended result is to invoke the triggers that touch the emotions, attitudes and motives drawing the consumer in to the message. The creativity that goes into the message can be an exciting challenge to the copywriters and art directors in reaching the intended targeted audience.
Molokai, an island part of the Hawaiian chain has always had to be creative to reach the intended audience while keeping its spirit and unique destination different to that of Maui and Oahu. Geographically this has never been a problem, since no traffic lights exist and a traffic jam consists of 10 cars. The message that Molokai gives now, is the blend of education, culture and an island of its own that has remained true to the island’s identity and spirit.
The Audience
Before any advertising campaign can commence, a clear definition of the target market...

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