Effective Business

Effective Business

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Tabatha Lewis
Gen 105
January 13, 2009

My significant strengths that my friend would say that have contributed to my college success would be enthusiastic, organized, self-motivated, good listener, and dedicated.
Being enthusiastic about my education will contribute to my personal success and rewards will follow. Organizing as a student offers success in life. Self – motivation, I didn’t have a teacher telling me every day that this is what is due tomorrow, it placed all the responsibility on me and I had to be motivated enough to find out what's required, stay on top of it, and study hard. I am a good listener and listening skills impacts all aspects of my life, children, school, and work. Dedication to my education will aid me with all my other strengths to forward me through my college experience.
To be a successful college student I know the significance of hard work and realize the opportunity to receive my education. I also have an enhanced vision and goals of what I want out of life.

The five qualities, achievements, and life events that I have contained prepared me to succeed in the field I would interview for. I have integrity, I am dependable, I am a mother, I am dedicated to my education, and I am organized. Integrity is imperative to life. I am honest, reliable and trustworthy, having high integrity also means to me not being easily influenced by others. High integrity is perhaps the most difficult quality I have achieved, but once I achieved it, it is the most satisfying one for me. Being a mother is a very significant role in my life. I believe that if you are successful at surviving as a mother I can be able to survive at my career. My education is vital to me also, I want to be a role model to other employees to earn a higher education.
I know I do not have the exact experience for the position. I wanted to show that my life skills and education could indicate that I am capable to succeed in this...

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