effective listening

effective listening

How to Communicate Effectively
BSHS 385
Anie Skylar
December 21, 2015

How to Communicate Effectively

Verbal Communication
Verbal Communication is defined as the use of sounds and words to express yourself, especially in contrast to using gestures or mannerisms. “There are a lot of ways that we communicate with the world around us. We text, we talk on the phone, we chat online, we facebook our friends we write blogs”. As you can see there are many forms of communication but when it comes to Verbal Communication small things such as timing make all the difference. For example as a child you want to do something and need to go over it with your parents. You might not want to discuss this as soon as they get home for work. Choose a nice quiet time to verbally communicate with your parents your wants or needs.
Online Communication
In these day and ages Online Communication is very popular. There are things such a “Social Media” that serve as some people’s primary source of communication. Online Communication also creates a bridge in technology for things such as communicating with your, teacher, doctor or just family. For example I have recently visited the doctors and after my visit I was given a paper with a website and log on information to follow up with my appointment. There is a downfall to online communication just like in the video “It’s not private”! You have to be careful how you communicate online it’s not intimate and you may not get the same reaction that you may get in person.

Effective Conflict Resolution
There are many ways to resolve a conflict without making someone feel as if the problem can’t be solved. Don’t talk at a person talk to them. For example "YOU DISRESPECTED ME BECAUSE YOU TOOK MY BIKE." WELL, OF COURSE YOUR BROTHER'S GONNA BE, LIKE, "WHOA," YOU KNOW, BE ALL DEFENSIVE AND GET REALLY MAD AT YOU, AND THAT'S NOT GONNA SOLVE THE PROBLEM. BUT...

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