Effective Manager

Effective Manager

What does it take to be an effective manager?
200701167 Geon Young Park

1. Please describe a typical day at work. What do you do all day?
* I’ve been meeting different clients from morning to late
* Check in to the office to notify that I’m at work.
* Report to my senior about daily reports.
* Review and sign documents that needs to go to other departments
* Assign work to juniors and teach if necessary (OJT, On Job training)

2. What are the most critical problems you face as a manager?
* Meet deadline for personal work and satisfy my senior when reporting work.
* Manage personnel whoever is under my position.
* Select and hire the right rookie at the job interview.
* How to resolve the conflicts between employees wisely.
* Meet the satisfactory outcome from the juniors.

3. What are the most critical skills needed to be a successful manager in your line of work?
* Boost morale to workers in general.
* To see the job from the macro view point and pinpoint the flaws to improve on it.
* To communicate fluently and flexibly with both juniors and seniors in order for the better flow of communication.
* Meet the personal deadline
* Make successful deals with clients.

4. What are the major reasons managers fail in positions like yours?
* Imposing too much of work to the employees.
* Abusing the power and forcing the employees to do even personal work for him/her.
* Not enough communication with both juniors and seniors.
* Not giving fair treatment to certain employees he/she doesn’t like.

5. What are the outstanding skills or abilities of other effective managers you have known?
* Create positive atmosphere at the job place.
* To not be abusive with the power and to treat employees with respect.
* To show a great example to the employees.
* To give orders and instructions clearly to reduce misunderstandings.

6. If you had to train someone to replace your current job what key abilities would you focus on?
* To be creative

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