Effective Methods of Recognition

Effective Methods of Recognition

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Effective Recognition Methods


Recognition in the workplace increases the frequency of an employee’s action. It also includes evaluating, acknowledging, and providing feedback on the work performed by the employee. There are various methods of recognition and the more specific and/or personal the recognition, the more effective it is. Recognition can also take many forms; such as verbal, written, material, or symbolic. Companies that use effective methods of recognition will see an increase in their employee’s motivation, productivity, and performance.


Recognition is important because it is one of the elements people want most out of a job. In addition to a good salary and job security, employees want recognition for a job well done. Everyone has needs. Recognition can satisfy an employee’s need and motivate them to be productive and perform their job to the best of their ability. Motivation is directly related to performance, the success of the employee, and ultimately the organization’s success. Companies that study and implement effective methods of recognition will have high productivity levels, create a positive work environment, and attract talented personnel.

Research Focus

The main reason for researching methods of recognition is to determine what methods are available. Not all companies believe recognition is necessary. Some think employees are hired to perform a job and there is no need for special recognition. Hence, the importance of recognition is often underestimated. Recognition instills value. By conducting research on which methods work best, the most effective techniques will stand out. Companies can then implement certain methods into their appraisal program to improve the motivation, productivity, and performance of their personnel. When companies recognize excellent performance the employee is more likely to continue that behavior.

Research Results

Methods of Effective...

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