Effective Offline Marketing Strategies

Effective Offline Marketing Strategies

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´╗┐Innovative Offline Marketing Tips

To edge out competitors is always a great challenge among businessmen. The following offline marketing tips are appropriate to the changing preferences and lifestyles of customers:

Update Your Catalog

Publish a product catalog regularly. Although majority of the products may still be the same, it pays to add a few new products or product variations to arouse the interest of customers. Also, offer new promos in each new issue such as discounts, free samples, or buy one take one. This will sustain the interest of buyers so that they will always look forward to the coming new issues.

Print Ads in Public Utility Vehicles

Among the other innovative offline marketing tips is to print your ads in public utility vehicles or mass transit such as buses and metro rail transits. The ads should be interesting and eye catching. The target audience for these is the group of commuters who are usually bored during long trips or during traffic hours, and they usually pass their time staring at their surrounding environment. If the ads will feature popular personalities and convey catching or even controversial messages, product recall will be strong and the probability of the customers buying the product will be greater.

Ads in Queuing Areas

Frame interesting ads and hang them conspicuously in areas where there are usually queues such as ticket booths in cinemas, automatic teller machines, payment counters, and even in comfort rooms. People in queues are also usually bored and pass their time reading or staring at any printed material that their eyes can lay on. If the ads are creatively made and interesting, people might enjoy reading them or may even be entertained even for just a short while. This may result in a product trial or even patronage. Just see to it that the area where you're going to display your ads is appropriate to your product. If the product is sanitary napkin, for instance, then it's best to place the...

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