Effective Strategy

Effective Strategy

Effective Strategy Development under Global Competition

In an intense and increasing global market competition developing and adapting strategy is crucial to sustain a competitive advantage.

a) The key problem(s) you want to address as triggered by the
assigned strategic topic

Presentation of problems
Why globalize at all?
What is the globalization’s influence on market competition?
How should organizations adapt and develop effective strategies due to these conditions?

Off record problems
Is the home market necessarily the lead market?
What factors are important to consider when emerging international competitors arise?
How are the organizations possible to be more effective by in a global competition?
How should organizations adapt to different market conditions globally?
How can organizations exploit the fact that the boundaries of a market fades?

b) The essential theoretical arguments you want to apply to address
the(se) problem(s)

What characterizes the global environment

International deregulation
Telecommunication capabilities
International transportation links
Global markets & competition
Cultural integration
Global products

The RI framework
Local responsiveness: (to what extent to adapt to local environment, global integration)
- Preferences and demands
- Standardization
- Culture
- Organizational configuration and strategic decisions decentralized
- Multidomestic strategy

Scale and scope economies (to what extend standardization is efficient)
- Governance structure and integration as central configuration
- Global strategy

Absolute economies of specialization (exploit differences in
- Comparative and absolute advantage

Organizational learning

c) Theoretical perspectives, models, and analytical approaches that
can be adapted to analyze the problem(s)

d) The (possible) conclusions you expect to derive from the
theoretical reasoning and analytical considerations

e) An initial...

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