Effective Teamwork

Effective Teamwork

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Effective Teamwork Questionnaire

Answer each question in 200 to 300 words, using specific information from the text, “Helping Annie”, “Team Building”, and “Building a Team of Talent” videos, and your research and experience.

1. What are the characteristics of effective teams? How will you ensure your collaborative team works effectively?
The characteristics of effective team are everyone participates and shows up to every meeting prepared. Each individual is taking care of their job within the group. Everyone is ready to motivate each other and reach their goal. Everyone has to feel comrfortable or relaxed in order to work with one another, and have to be ale to put aside their differences or the sake of the group. All team members must be respectful of one another meaning, when one person is stating their opinion, the other teammates must listen and wait their turn to speak , whether they agree with the person speaking or not. Finally, having people on your team who have talent is a great characteristic. It makes your team stronger and brighter. I will ensure my collaborative team works effectively by speaking with them and motivating them in everything it is that we do. Also, by keeping them on the right track and reminding them what it is that we are striving for or what our goal is. Another way to ensure that my team is collaborative and works effectively, is to lead by example and to make sure that I am aslo doing the right thing.
2. How will you deal with behavior that hurts your team’s objectives?
I will try to find a way to come to an agreement to end it. Letting everyone speak on the behavior and coming to different solutions to solve the problem. Most importantly, reminding everyone of what our goal is to begin with. It is also important to let everyone know how the behavior is hurting our teams objective. If it is one individuals behavior that is hurting the teams objective, then I think that it is best...

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