Effects of being late.

Effects of being late.

The APA writing style has evolved through time and several changes have been adapted in response to the electronic information age. What follows are some useful pointers for those of you who're tasked to write a paper using the APA format.

In general, your paper should follow these formatting guidelines:
• Margin. Although formerly, the required measurement for margins is 1 ½ inch, now, it is required that margins on all sides (top, bottom, left, right) should each just measure one

Font Size and Type. Font for text all through out the paper should be 12-pt., Times New Roman.
• Spacing. Double-space for the whole document, including appendices, footnotes, tables and figures. For spacing after punctuation, space once after commas, colons and semicolons within sentences and space twice after punctuation marks that end sentences.
• Text Alignment and Indentation. Alignment should be flush left, or aligned to the left creating uneven right margin.
• Running Head and Short Title. Running heads are short titles located at the top of each of the pages of your article. Short Titles on the other hand are two to three-word derivation of the title of your paper. Running heads should not be confused with Short Titles. Running heads are typed flush left at the top of all pages while Short Titles are typed flush right.
Running Heads are not necessary for high school and collegiate papers unless required by instructor. These are instead mostly required for documents that are being prepared for actual release or publication. Running Heads should not exceed 50 characters including punctuation and spacing.

• Active Voice. Traditionally, the APA writing format requires writing in an impersonal form. That is, refraining from using pronouns such as ‘I' or ‘We' in your statements. Now, it has changed. Most disciplines require the active voice. An example of this would be, instead of writing “according to the study,” it should be “according to our study.” This way,...

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