Effects of Berlin wall

Effects of Berlin wall

Social Effects of the Berlin Wall

Social Studies Fair

The Berlin wall is a very interesting point in history because walls are erected to keep out foreign invaders but this wall was built to separate a country and it caused a lot of pain instantly. This 12 foot sometimes 15 foot walls and electrified fencing stretched 103 miles around Berlin and West Germany In which the wall stood for 28 years. Millions of people suffered because of a few people and their thoughts. Although a lot of people did not die this cold war tactic is a one of a kind historical event.
This paper will look at how the Berlin Wall was constructed basically overnight to keep control of the German people and the sociological damage this wall caused. The Berlin wall caused loss of homes, families, jobs even death.

I took my time to find a topic that I would be interested and comfortable writing about
Once the topic was chosen I began to read various websites that would help me to understand the history of the Berlin Wall.
After reading so many articles and interviews and history books I began to think about how the wall made the people around it feel
I thought about what if this were me and my family
So my thoughts led me to think about what the people had to face and how it made them feel.
My feelings led me to talk about family friends, jobs and their houses
Once I knew what I wanted to talk about I began to organize my notes
Once my notes were organized into a logical order I began to piece my paper together

After World War 2 Germany was divided into an East and West zone the Soviets took control of the East and the Allies (America, England and France) took control of the West and they divided the city of Berlin as well. The reason for the division of the country and the city of Berlin was that everyone was worried that the Germans were not ready to govern themselves and everyone outside of Germany were worried that the Nazi’s might take back over. So...

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