Effects of Computers

Effects of Computers

“Operations Management”

door: Marja Fictorie


Inhoudsopgave 2
H1 Operations management 4
What is operations management? 4
What are the similarities between all operations? 4
How are operations different from each other? 4
What responsibilities do operations managers have? 4
H2 The strategic role and objectives of operations 5
What role should the operations function play in achieving strategic success? 5
What are the performance objectives of operations and what are the internal and external benefits which derive from excelling in each of them? 5
H3 Operations strategy 6
What is strategy? 6
What is the difference between a ‘top-down’ and a ‘bottom-up’ view of operations strategy? 6
What is the difference between a ‘market requirements’ and an ‘operations resource’ view of operations strategy? 6
How can an operations strategy be put together? 6
H10 The nature of planning and control 7
What is planning and control? 7
What is the difference between planning and control? 7
How does the nature of demand affect planning and control? 7
What is involved in planning and control? 7
H11 Capacity planning and control 8
What is capacity planning and control? 8
How is capacity measured? 8
What are the ways of coping with demand fluctuation? 8
How can operations plan their capacity level? 9
How can operations control their capacity level? 9
H12 Inventory planning and control 9
What is inventory? 9
Why is inventory necessary? 9
How much inventory should an operation hold? 9
When should an operation replenish its inventory? 10
How can inventory be controlled? 10
H13 Supply chain planning and control 10
What are supply chain management and other related activities such as purchasing, physical distribution, logistics and materials management? 10
How can the relationship between operations in a supply chain affect the way it works? 11...

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