effects of contemporary society

effects of contemporary society

Does the work of Harriet Martineau address the so called gender bias of classical sociology? Yes she does indirectly

Introduction – 300 words
I dont think shes a feminist and I will demonstrate why
I think her work is worthy of the title – she is a great contribution to classical psychology
outline the way my essay will go and what im going to write about

theme 1 – 600 words
definition of what is gender bias in terms of sociology
Look at durkheim's dismissal of women in his work, concentration of the white bearded male – women often ignored.
Common themes that are adressed throughout her work, domestics, politics, slavery....

theme 2 – 600 words
Look at Martineau's methodology – looking at things through a sympathetic, empathetic mind set
asks reader to look at things from the perspective of the 'traveller' – morals and manners and utilitarian view point
she travels, experiences things head on unlike drukheim, comte etc (Lengermann)

theme 3 – 600 words
Their are hints of her expressing the views of women’s worth embedded in her work, not necessarily feminist but perhaps showing from her background
Ella and Cuthbert widow show this in her political illustration, households with a strong/positive female presence excelled and were okay during the collapse of the economy in comparison to Dan and wife who broke down. (domestic abuse?)
she addresses the glass ceiling
slavery and women

Conclusion – 300 words
implicitly or explicitly does she address the gender bias

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