effects of gadgets

effects of gadgets

Effects of Gadgets

Posted Date: 28-Aug-2010  
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Electronic Gadgets are becoming a part of our day to day activities. These gadgets make our work easier and some used to get connected always. These gadgets will be good if we use it only for our needs. If we use it beyond our needs then we have to suffer from its adverse effects. Adverse effects of some common gadgets are discussed in this article.


It’s a modern era with scientific discoveries. Science has made a rapid growth in technology and in return with the help of technology there are a lot of new discoveries that has been made. It’s a tremendous growth of technology after the creation of IC (Integrated Circuit) chips. Electronic gadgets and communication through them made this world very small.

We have a lot advantage of using these gadgets like mobile phones, television, computers and entertainment gadgets like MP3 players, iPods etc. But all advantages can be enjoyed only if it is used with certain limits and constraints. When technology is not handled in the right way then you will be just trapped into it enjoying some adverse effects without even knowing that it is harmful.
Adverse effects of Gadgets

Adverse effects of gadgets used in our daily life are listed. And in some cases we don’t even know that it is bad to us.
Effect of Computers

Increase in Stress

Work in office is getting stressful now-a-days. This is not just because of the work pressure, but it is also because of continuous exposure of your eyes to computer monitors. It is not good for eyes. You will be able to see the monitors for long, but without your consciousness the eyes are strained which makes a silent increase in stress in your brain and body.
Television can also be taken in the same category as computer monitors.

Physical and Internal Organ Disorders

Computers locked us before...

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