Effects of Isolation

Effects of Isolation

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Nancy Driscoll
ENC 1102
Miss Greene
Short Fiction Essay
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Feb. 17, 2009

The Effects of Isolation can be Hazardous to your Health:

Because Mental Changes, Physical Changes and Death can occur.

. In Alexis Walker’s “The Metamorphosis,” she turns the main character into a gigantic insect. He lives at home with his family, but once the family realized he changed into an insect, they leave him locked in his room, and he did not have a choice on his isolation.

Gregor is cares for his family because his father lost the family business. Gregor loves his family very much, and thinks about what he can do to communicate with them. Gregor has many hours to think about his circumstance, and memories of when he was human.

In William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily,” Miss Emily Grierson had a controlling father who ran off her suitors. After her father’s death and her sweetheart’s disappearance, she went out very little, people hardly saw her at all (DiYanni 80). Both characters are isolated, but in different ways. Miss Emily Grierson had a choice and Gregor did not. The effects of isolation can be hazardous to health because mental changes, physical changes, and even death can occur.

Gregor does not know how he is going to support his family. Even though he has no physical contact with his family, he knows they are still there. His sister brings him food every day, and sees Gregor does not have much room to move around. She notices Gregor found a new past time for himself, like hanging upside down from the ceiling. He feels free and relaxed because he is not constrained.

Gregor did not want the furniture moved because he would feel lost (DiYanni 628). Gregor can understand everything his family says. He wants to answer, but they cannot understand him. Isolation changes the way people treat other people. It can affect health and state of mind. Gregor did not have a choice. He...

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