Effects of Making a Decision

Effects of Making a Decision


There comes a point in time within every life of a company or organization in which decision(s) have to be made. The effect of decisions can have a tremendous impact on the longevity of the organization. Examination and evaluation of existing as well as potential problems affect the way decisions are made within an organization. Let us proceed by examining this process.

The Decision Making Process: A Plan of Action
To hire 6 new employees or to terminate 10, that is a problem faced by many employers in today’s’ global economy. Decisions such as this appear as a potential threat to many organizations. Implementing a decision making process helps alleviate these types of problems when they occur. The decision making process involves 3 major steps which several key subsets. The first major step in the decision making process is to frame the problem. This involves identifying the problem as well as defining goals, objectives and evaluating the effect(s) of the problem. Next, making the actual decision takes place. This involves identifying the causes of the problem, as well coming up with ideas and alternative ideas that could possibly solve the problem. Lastly, evaluation of the decision occurs. This involves measuring the impacts of the solution and the implementation process.

Nik’s Decision
As previously discussed in part I of Decisions in Paradise, Nik was faced with the problem of establishing a greater presence on Kava for the company. He realized that he had major obstacles to overcome in this process. His first task would be to frame the problem by identifying what the problem is. Kava is prone to a vast amount of natural disasters, has a population in which more than 50 % are under the age of 15, as well as a very diverse ethnic population. Nik found that since Kava was prone to vast natural disasters that the population was always in an uproar and was deprived of simple basic necessities that were...

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