Effects of Psychology in Class

Effects of Psychology in Class

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1. What is the central debate surrounding this particular issue or problem?
2. Who is on each side of the debate?
3. What are the key social actors in the debate?
4. What are the ideologies that drive people to hold different views about this issue/problem?
5. What are the arguments that are highlighted/ignored as individuals make identity arguments?

Grading Criteria:

For this assignment, you will be graded on:

1. How well do you identify a social issue/problem?
2. How well do you understand, examine, and summarize AT LEAST two different perspectives on the issue/problem?
3. How well do you evaluate AT LEAST two sides of the issue/problem in an objective and fair way?
4. How good are examples in illustrating the points that are being made?
5. Clear evidence that you understand the concepts discussed in class (through incorporating class readings AND discussions!!!

Notes on grammar: As a rule, I do not “systematically” dock points for grammatical mistakes. That is, I will not dock points for misuse of “it’s” and “its” or other minor mistakes along those lines. However, it is YOUR responsibility to write a clear and gross-mistake free paper, so PLEASE read your paper over BEFORE you turn it in to me. If I have to “guess” what you are saying, you are NOT presenting “clear evidence” that you understand the concepts!!

Most important: The major “thrust” of this assignment is on your own thoughts about your ideology and how that pertains to your master statuses/identities. As such, it is meant to engage YOU in personal reflection. Have fun with it!!

This assignment is due IN CLASS on October 30, 2008. NO LATE WORK is accepted unless reasons for being late are clearly “documented.”

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