Effects of the Internet

Effects of the Internet

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Effects of the Internet

Matthew Andel

University of Phoenix

Many forms of technology can be found, that affect our lives every day. Opinion may have it that the greatest effect on society is the internet. The internet supplies the world with many uses, which gives us the ability to remain in our homes and offices during our daily activities. Many everyday tasks can be performed just by sitting in a chair and looking at a computer screen. Some examples of the many possibilities are communicating with one another with the use of e-mail. A second example would be paying the household or the business bills online through websites or a bank bill paying service. Another example is the task of managing businesses, giving them the opportunity to compete with larger business by using electronic tools found on the internet.

In many homes e-mail is used instead of writing letters and dropping them off at the mail box. Many people save a great deal of money by not having to use stamps. In addition to that an e-mail gets to the desired destination in a matter of seconds when the information is sent. (Lendor, 2007) A letter that is dropped off at the post office may take days to reach its destination. 15 years ago when troops were overseas the average time it would take mail to reach the United States was about a week and a half. Today with the use of e-mail, troops are able to correspond with friends and families on a near real time basis. Another use of e-mail is the feature of being able to save e-mails for record keeping purposes. E-mail will save money by not having to spend money on stamps and keeping those closets free of cluttered up records.

The thing that society likes about the internet is paying bills online. People every day; spend hours paying the different bills that flood into the households. The task of opening up each envelope and the writing checks to the appropriate bill takes up a great deal of time. The bill...

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