Efficient plansifter FSFJ series single storehouse

Efficient plansifter FSFJ series single storehouse

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Efficient plansifter FSFJ series single storehouse

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FSFJ series of single-compartment efficient digestion and absorption of Italian flat screen is Aokelimu company similar process innovation designed. Performance characteristics and application range with dual flat screen similar positions, while the single warehouse sieve smaller, more adaptable, more flexible, FSFJ series of single-compartment efficient flat screen especially for small local shop installation. The screen is a national exclusive initiative.
Its working principle: When the motor rotates, driven emphasis on the lower part of the screen box is located a block for rotary circular motion, so that the single-chamber sieve sieve under the force of inertia blocks emphasis on the role of doing plane rotary motion; movement reaches a certain speed when , inertia force generated by the screen surface materials sufficient to overcome the friction with the screen surface, while doing relatively flat screen surface rotary motion, so that the material generated automatically graded. Material through the sieve into the top of the sieve grid, due to differences in particle size and specific gravity of the material, small cell material through the sieve was put in an undersize fraction, the large particles can not pass through the screen while the oversize material to become, respectively, from the lower sieve different discharge port, thus allowing separation. FSFJ single warehouse efficient compact flat screen structure, light weight, easy installation and commissioning. It is suitable for all kinds of powder materials, grading screen management, wide range of applications.
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