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5 paragraph Essay Format

Paragraph 1: Introduction

• Hook- (should be a single sentence) An opening sentence or two that grabs the reader’s interest and introduces the general topic of the essay. Cannot be a question or “I am going to tell you…” Instead try:
• Historical information
• An anecdote
• A surprising statement
• A declarative statement
• A quote
• Background- (Should be 2-3 sentences) Some topics are better understood if a brief historical review of the topic is presented to lead into the discussion of the moment:
• Make sure it’s factual
• Keep it brief
• Thesis- (Should be a single sentence) Explains what the paper is about. The easiest thesis sentence is to use the question in the sentence but answer it. Example question: What role did Manifest Destiny play in the Civil War and Reconstruction? Example answer: Manifest Destiny created___________, _________________, ____________ making it the reason why the US went into a Civil War and suffered through Reconstruction.
Paragraph 2: Body Paragraphs (Should be at least 3 paragraphs in length)

• Topic Sentence- (Single sentence) Starts with key words like “For example, or first, second, another..” then contains one of the main points from the thesis sentence.

~The following two should be done at least 3 times in each body paragraph.~

• Proof- (Single sentence) Should be a citation of what you found. It can be a direct quote from a document or a summary of what you found.

• Argument –(2-3 sentences) Statements that explain the proof. Must explain how the proof fits as an answer to the question.

Paragraph 5: Conclusion (Should be a single sentence)

• Restate your thesis. Using the thesis sentence from above say it again but using completely different words.