Egalitarian Society

Egalitarian Society

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We can see that, despite the fact that the government aims to assist people in achieving an egalitarian society, we are still divided into the stereotypical groups that society places us into. This division in groups can be seen particularly in migrants and women.

Migrants are a large group who are displaced and mistreated by the Australian community. Many migrants are forced to leave their country due to persecution or war, and are forced to seek refuge in another country. These migrants who arrive are placed in a detention centre until a refugee status is granted. Within the detention centre, many are driven insane by the fact that they are locked in rooms and unable to have their basic needs met. Furthermore many of these migrants are trapped in there for years before their refugee status are granted. Because of this situation the migrants are normally trapped in, many of these migrants find ways to commit suicide. I ask you this ladies and gentlemen, whilst the government treats you with honour and respect, others are treated like CRAP. Where the issues you people face are constantly amended to improve your rights, where are their rights. Where are their rights in this so called egalitarian society? Does this make Australia an egalitarian society? Really, I don’t think so.

Migrants who are ‘Lucky’ will be granted refugee status and allowed to live in Australia, but if you people think that these migrants are treated equally like one of you citizens in here, think again! Due to the fact that these migrants have remained in a detention centre for almost a decade, many of them are unable to rebuild their lives. These foreign migrants will also suffer from language barriers between people, which will make it harder for them to seek employment and, to an extent rebuild their lives. If these migrants are employed, they are normally exploited as they tend to receive wages that are a lot less than the standard amount for workers. I am very disgusted, and so...

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