Egans Skilled Helper Model

Egans Skilled Helper Model

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Egan's skilled helper model

* A 3-stage model to help people solve problems and develop opportunities
* An emphasis on empowerment
* Seeks to move the person towards action leading to outcomes which they choose and value

3 main questions :

* 'What is going on?'
* 'What do I want instead?'
* 'How might I get to what I want?'

Diagram of the Model
STAGE 1 | | STAGE 2 | | STAGE 3 |
Current Scenario | | Preferred Scenario | | Action Strategies |
1a - The story (What's going on?) | | 2a - Possibilities (Ideally ,what do I want instead?) | | 3a - Possible actions (How many ways are there?) |
| | | | |
1b - Blind spots (What's really going on?) | | 2b - Change Agenda (SMART goals) | | 3b - Best fit strategies (What will work for me?) |
| | | | |
1c - Leverage (Focussing/prioritising) | | 2c - Commitment (Check goals are right) | | 3c - Plan (What next and when?) |
Action Leading to Valued Outcomes |
In the diagram of the whole model :
* Top row: la, 2a, 3a : expansive, exploratory and creative 
* Middle row: 1b, 2b, 3b: challenging, reality testing, and selecting 
* Bottom row: 1c, 2c, 3c: focussing, committing, moving forward
Remember, it's ok to go back to previous stages when appropriate; the arrows don't have to be followed slavishly!
STAGE 1 - What's going on?
Stage 1 is about providing a safe place for the speaker to tell their story in their own way, and to be fully heard and acknowledged. It is about a space where a person can hear and understand their own story. It is also about gently helping them lift their head to see the wider picture and other perspectives, and to find a point from which to go forward with hope.

1a - an expansive part
The helper encourages the speaker to tell their story, and by using good active listening skills and demonstrating the core conditions, helps them to explore and unfold the tale, and to reflect. For some, this is enough, for others...

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