EHR-Case Styudy

EHR-Case Styudy

Name : Lemerck Jean-Baptiste
Course : HCM-500- Healthcare Informatics
Homework : Case Study1 – EHR Implementation and Patient Flow
Instructor : Isaac Khan
Date : March 2nd, 2015

Impact of EHR Implementation on Patient Flow Metrics in a Pediatric Emergency Department

Despite the constant growth and extension in today’s healthcare industry, the high level of importance the attached to it, and the degree of administrative control they set over it, the implementation of electronic health record would make all the difference. This particular initiative would envision the plan to help healthcare providers to provide better services in the delivery of care to patients, especially from a pediatric emergency department. However, the rising effects during the implementation process could be costly and challenging. The purpose of this case study is to address these concerns in a systematic view that would emphasize the problems, issues, and the possible measures and solutions that can be undertaken.

The concerned scenario is about the electronic health records, its implementation particularly in an emergency pediatric department, and its role in general. The electronic health records system is becoming more and more demanding, as it is one of the best information organizer tools needed in almost every healthcare organization. Because of its ability to improve the delivery of care, reducing costs, and enabling providers to maintain, control, and provide the highest quality of care possible, numerous hospitals and organizations are already adopting it. The beauty of the electronic health records rest in its capacity to transform the entire aspects within a healthcare organization by offering a better healthier lifestyle to patients, with lower behavioral risks, promoting a solid standard safe high quality care in an efficient timeliness manner ( These core advantages are...

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