Eis 3306 Data Files and Databases

Eis 3306 Data Files and Databases

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Test 1
TF/MC – 50 points
1. Information implies familiarity, awareness, and understanding knowledge as it applies to an environment. F

2. Historically, a manual file system was composed of a system of file folders and filing cabinets. T

3. Data modeling starts with a very complex representation, and as knowledge of the problem is gained, the model is simplified. F

4. M:N relationships are not appropriate in a relational model. T

5. The order of the rows and columns is important to the DBMS. F

6. In a relational model, if A determines B, C, and D, you write A = B, C, D. F

7. In both the Chen and Crow’s Foot models, an entity is represented with a rectangle containing the entity’s name. T

8. Derived attributes are stored in a special database table. F

9. Entity subtypes do not inherit the relationships in which the supertype entity participates. F

10. An entity supertype can have disjoint or overlapping entity subtypes. T

11. Normalization is a very important database design ingredient and the highest level is always the most desirable. F

12. Relational models view the data as part of a table or collection of tables in which all key values must be identified. T

Multiple Choice
13. The database structure in a DBMS is stored as a B.
a. file c. set of key/value pairs
b. collection of files d. collection of queries

14. A D database supports data distributed across several different sites.
a. single-user c. centralized
b. multiuser d. distributed

15. A(n) ____ is a restriction placed on the data.
a. attribute c. relationship
b. entity d. constraint

16. Which of the following is true of business rules?
a. They allow the designer to set company policies with regard to data.
b. They allow the designer to develop business processes.
c. They can serve as a communication tool between the users and designers.
d. They provide a framework for the company’s self actualization.

17. A data can have...

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