Election Fever

Election Fever

“Hi. I am Paul and you are?” His eyes briefly touched the long line of her thighs, the sleek curves of her mid-section and her rising bust. He adored how her lean figure accentuated her beautiful cheek bones that rose with any displacement of her beautiful luscious pink lips. The warmth of her presence enfolded him like a warm blanket as they walked into the farmhouse.

“I am Isabella.” She tried to remain calm but her desperate eyes could not resist his broad shoulders. This man she thought was a blessing that she have waited to long for.

“I bet you are wondering why a guy like me would be talking to a girl like you.”

With that rhetorical question she immediately responded “What kind of girl am I?” She struggled in vain to explain what she meant.

“Like a Goddess?” he interjected smoothly. “Understandable. Someone who had democratic views towards the Labour Party.”

That was where things went wrong. “ The Labour Party?” Her British accent was lost to the thin air as anger flowed down her eyes. “ All man is the same thing… Labour party? Me looking like a labourer? Huh look kicks.” Her voice became powerful as this labourer was present in her midst.

“Can I explain myself.” His nose crinkled at the disgrace of such a dramatic woman. “ I can assure you that that the Labour Party is the better political party to be with. They give their supporters things that UWP cannot. I know I may be a stranger but please forget about the UWP they offer nothing to their supporters.

She looked at him and chuckled. “ Me nah even know why me a waste me time with you.” She left the farmhouse mumbling things to herself.

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