Electonic Health Records: Annotated Bibliography

Electonic Health Records: Annotated Bibliography

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The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is being implemented daily in multiple medical organizations due to the healthcare initiative. All medical facilities recording are to be electronically entered and stored by 2014. Organizations face the challenge of selecting the program that is most efficient for staff. Nurses play a key role in the program selection process, developing the work stream and maintaining standardized nursing care plans. This topic has particular interest due to the continued use of paper charting which causes deterioration in continuity of patient care, double documentation process for nursing staff and fluid stream-lined systems can save medical organizations significant expense. The following sources will explain and support the fact that nurses must be involved in the EHR research and design.

Smith, C. (2004). New technology continues to invade healthcare: what are the strategic implications/outcomes?. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 28(2), 92-98.
EBSCO advanced search: electronic health record, nursing, development; full articles only
Smith defines the different roles and aspects involved in choosing an EHR program. The nursing leaders of today must evaluate and propose technology to meet legislative requirements in 2014.
Wolf, D., Hartman, L., Larue, E., & Arndt, I. (2007). Patient first: a patient sensitivity tool for an electronic health record implementation. CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 25(2), 112- 117.
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Patient, family and bedside perceptions of the EHR are discussed. Nurses must put the population at ease with computers at the bedside, learning to acknowledge the patient instead of staring at the computer screen. Clear discussion of how a Pittsburgh hospital facility and its nursing staff were able to keep patient care the center of attention during EHR implementation.

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