Electromagnetism Lab Report

Electromagnetism Lab Report

Electromagnetism Investigation
To investigate the effect of strength of current running in a coil on the strength of the

Independent Variable
The current in amperes (0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5)

Dependant Variable
Strength of Electromagnet
❏ We collected the data by counting the number of pins that had been caught by
the electromagnet. We got our results by putting the magnet over the pile of pins
and leaving it for about 10 seconds, we did this in our heads. Afterwards we would
gently raise the magnet up to make sure that none of the pins that we caught did
not fall off. Once we got our results we calculated the average.

Control Variable
Control Variable

How do we control?

Same Magnet

We will use the same horseshoe magnet
to collect all of our results in the same
place so that it can be a fair test.

Same Number of coils

We used 20 turns on the magnet so this
way the magnetic field would not be
stronger or weaker to make it a fair

Same Battery

I will use the same battery to conduct all
of my experiments that way when I am
raising the current it will not be too high
nor too low and just right.

Same wire

I will use the same wire so that the
material of the wire or the width of the
wire does not affect my results.

Same temperature

I will conduct all experiments in the
smae room temperature so that it is a
fair test and the results are not affected.

Same weather

I will conduct the experiments on the
same day so that it is not too sunny on
one day and then raining on the other
affecting my results.

Same current

I will use volts to conduct this

Same length of wire

I will use a 3.46m copper wire to conduct
all of our experiments.

The Domain Theory states that a magnet will always have a two poles
which we call North and South. If you were to break a magnet in two
it would create two new magnets with north and south poles....

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