Electronic Chemicals & Materials Market: suppliers for electronics industries to grow at a fast pace.

Electronic Chemicals & Materials Market: suppliers for electronics industries to grow at a fast pace.

Electronic chemicals and materials are used in fabrication of electronic applications such as semiconductors, integrated circuits and printed circuit boards and other electronic equipment. These substances are found all the three forms of matter and basically comprise of silicone, fluorine and bisphenol among others. Silicon chemicals and materials based on their types can be segmented as silicon wafers, PCB laminates, specialty gases, photoresists, wet chemicals, CMP slurries, low-K dielectrics, plating chemicals, dopants and auxiliary materials.

Electronic Chemicals & Materials Market products are chemicals and products. Chemicals are general acids and bases, Wet Chemicals (Acetone, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Methanol and Others), Plating Chemicals and Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) Slurries etc. Electronic materials are Silicon Wafers, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Laminates, Photoresists, Low-K Dielectrics, Dopants and Auxiliary Materials etc.

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Electronic Chemicals & Materials Market has a wide range of applications such as semiconductors and IC (Integrated chip), Printed Circuit Board (PCB), Memory disks, General Metal finishing (Metal Polishers, Post Treatment Slurries) and so on.
Asia-Pacific is currently the major shareholder in the Electronic Chemicals & Materials Market, followed by Europe & North America. Asia-Pacific and the African regions will witness strong growth rates in the coming years with respect to this market due to increase in population which has led to a surge in demand for consumer electronics which is one of the major application areas for electronic chemicals and materials.

Competitive landscape for each type of electronic chemicals & materials is highlighted and key market players are profiled with attributes of business overview, financials, business strategies, product portfolio and recent developments pertaining to these...

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