Electronic Dance Music

Electronic Dance Music


One day the way that I look at music was changed for ever. On this fateful day I discovered a genre of music that was complete new and fresh that not only did this genre changed my outlook on music, but on my life. This wasn’t possible before because the family background I had , this background was mostly based around the genres of hip hop, soca and RnB. Which was fine for me because of my lack of information on the various genres in the world. Also, the comfort of being to converse with members of my family on the same music genre’s and get the comfort of having similar views on the given subject.

Then came the day that change my life forever, it was a summer day and I was on my way to my tutor’s house for the summer. I was of course listen to music on the bus to pass the time on the way to his house, I was listening to “Machine gun Funk by Biggie smalls” and was being to get bored of the song. So I began searching through my library of songs and found a song that I have never seen or heard before, this was a weird to say the least because I usually keep constant track of the songs that I have in my library. This new song was interesting to me so I played and what I got was something that i have never heard before and it was amazing.

The song was a wide mixture of different sounds some being robotic and others being more distorted white noise and based on this description it doesn’t like music, but it was. There was synth based melody and drums that went in the complex arrangement that I was used to in hip hop but it just seemed to fit the music perfectly.

Then to add on there was an electronic vocal that sounded robotic and human at the same time. This wasn’t like anything I’ve ever heard before with all the various sounds that came together almost magically. It was as if I was transported to a new world and this song was the portal and everytime the song faded you I anxiously waited for the seconds that I took for the song to...

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