Electronic Storage Device Analysis

Electronic Storage Device Analysis

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Storage Device Analysis
University of Phoenix

Selecting the proper memory storage device is very important. Magnetic, solid state and optical memory storage devices make up the majority of choices. Magnetic storage has high memory capacity capability. Solid state memory is portable and has fast memory retrieval. Optical memory devices are durable and widely available. Each year advances in technology provide new choices for memory storage. Users need to assess the advantages and the disadvantages of each device to select the most beneficial one for the task at hand.
Storage Device Analysis
Over the last couple of decades, the accessibility of personal computers for the general public has dramatically increased. Today, people have albums of family photos, vast music collections, and full length movies and TV shows stored on their computers. There are many different types of memory storage devices available for these applications. Memory may be stored using magnetic, solid state, or optical technology. Each has their own uses and advantages.
Magnetic memory storage devices use the arrangement of magnetized sections on a tape or a disc to represent information. Magnetic memory storage devices are heavily used today and are keeping up with ever increasing capacity and speed demands. These devices do have a drawback in the speed at which the data is accessed. To access the data on a magnetic storage device, a computer must use a reader to scan over the disk or tape as it spins. Therefore, data recovery is limited by the speed of the rotation of the disk or tape. Devices using magnetism to store information include tapes, floppy disks, and hard drives. Tapes aren’t typically used with personal computers due to their slow data access speed, but they are still used for backing up data on servers. The company I currently work for uses several tapes to back up the drives on the servers on a daily...

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