Elevating Performance Through Motivation

Elevating Performance Through Motivation

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|Team B Mgt 344 |
|Elevating performance through Motivations, Ethics, and Conflict Management Paper. |
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|2/28/2009 |

During Week 4, we as a team have learned a great deal about organizations. We used 3 different points to look at our individual organizations themselves. We look at the motivation theories, conflict approaches, and also strategies to resolve the issues involved. From our discussions and also our readings on motivation theories, it is based on 5 job characteristics: skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback. In conflict management, each organization has their views and ways of dealing with conflict whether it is directly or indirectly. And last but not least strategies used vary in the different organizations as well. Some may use bonus programs, while others may use gift cards whatever the case may be it is basically a way of resolving issues with rewards or incentives to show more of an appreciation or recognition of its employees.

Karleen organization (NAIFA) showed her organization is motivated by recognition, achievement, advancement, and responsibility. It also showed preventative measures were going by policies, supervision, interpersonal skills, and even security. In Karleen's organization it was viewed that most of the conflicts involved with more personality problems such as anger, emotional, sadness, and frustrations. Basically holding open discussions were ways of resolving them. This leads to ethics of NAIFA which basically has their client needs first by assuring client confidence, accurate and honest information, and respect. They also adhere to...

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