Elevator Speech: a Fundamental Communication Used in Conversations in Networking

Elevator Speech: a Fundamental Communication Used in Conversations in Networking

Your elevator speech is a fundamental communication tool you will use in conversations throughout your search in networking meetings and interviews. You will also use a written version of it in your cover letters, on your resume if you opt to include a summary statement, and in your marketing plan.

It answers the question you will hear frequently throughout your job search: Tell me about yourself, and it offers you a great opportunity to succinctly and confidently position yourself in the minds of your listeners.

Limit your positioning statement to one-two minutes and include:

- Profession
- Expertise (core competencies)
- Types of organizations/environments
- Unique strengths

For example:

1. I am an information systems professional focusing on the application of technology to business functions such as marketing, manufacturing, logistics and accounting. My experience is diverse, including working for a small entrepreneurial business as well as a Fortune 100 company. My strengths include data administration, strategic planning, data warehousing, and relational database design, development and implementation.

2. I am an MBA student with a focus in marketing and have extensive experience in marketing strategy and determining lines of business development. My strengths include marketplace and competitive analysis, qualitative and quantitative research methodology and product design. I am now looking to apply my education and experience to a research position in a consumer products company.

3. I am a senior at the University of Cincinnati with majors in finance and accounting. My co-op experiences have been in the financial services industry, where I developed expertise in financial analysis, client relations and accounting. I am currently seeking a position allowing me to use my educational background and experience to analyze and increase the productivity and profitability of an organization at the corporate level.


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