Eliminating Recess

Eliminating Recess

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November 29, 2010


I think eliminating recess is a bad idea. Taking it away will result in children not wanting to go school more and possibly cause declines in their class work. Recess is a time for children to take a break from the long winded teachers,stuffy classrooms, and things that are not of interest. Children need to be able to go out and stretch their legs and more importantly their minds. School is great no doubt about but I believe there is such a thing as too much school. Kids need the break and I remember the whole real world speech from all of my teachers. It is nothing like they said it would be. Each person including children make the real world what they want it to be.

After a long day at school kids have to go home and do more school work. It never ends.There is no room for play and childhood here. Taking away recess is not a good idea. There will be more sleepy children,more declines in both grades and behavior. Teachers should think about how it will be if recess is taken away. Kids will not stand for it.

Recess is a vital part of the children's day. It gives them a change to stretch and take their minds off of school stuff for a bit. It gives them the opportunity to mingle with others students and make friends. Recess is a time for teachers as well. Teachers also need a break. Teaching kids can be a challenge and get some peace can be helpful to teachers as well. No recess means classrooms running all day long most schools are open eight hours a day. I think that schools should have more than one break. A child can shove only so much into their brains.

When a child is rested he or she may be better focused,better behaved, more willing to learn and less time wiggling in the desk wishing for a break to relieve the frustration of being tucked into a classroom all day with no break.The impact can be quite remarkable. Children may have declines in behavior, grades, participation and...

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