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T.S Elliot

After reading the poetry of T.S Elliot I was pleasantly surprised. I was under the impression that his poetry wasn’t very student friendly but after reading his poetry he quickly became my favourite poet on the English course. Without a doubt his poetry can be quite difficult to understand at times but it is most certainly interesting, universal,revolutionary,experimental and worthwhile reading. As Elliot himself said “poetry can be difficult but good poetry can communicate without being easily understood”. I extremely enjoyed Elliot’s use of rhyme and rhythm this gave his poetry an enjoyable sound. I found the structure of Elliot’s poetry extremely experimental. The structure of his poetry mirrored his themes which I also found appealing. Elliot was without a doubt a very modern poet in his time. His use of original techniques in his poetry create his individual and effective style.

Elliot writes about themes and issues which are everyday and relevant to many people. I found his themes very modern and easy to relate to personally. I found the use of universally themes capturing and extremely appealing and I enjoy the sense of timelessness which was associated with his themes. It is clear that his themes are easy to relate to in any time. He uses many themes in his poetry many of which that are very bleak like urban life, breakdown of relations and lack of individuality but the themes which I found most dominant in his poetry was the themes of alienation and the difference in classes.

From reading his poetry I am under the impression that Eliot was unsure of his role in life. The reason for his existing and that he felt like an outcast from the rest of the world as the theme of alienations is very dominant in his poetry. Alienation is the main theme in “Prufrock”. Is evident from the start to the end. Throughout the poem it is clear that Eliot has a big question to ask which still goes unanswered.
I got the impression that...

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