Elis Island

Elis Island

Script for Ellis Island
Connor O’Donnell
Emma O’Donnell
Random Guards
Random People

[Scene One]
The Scene opens to Connor and Emma walking onto Ellis Island and having a look
Around their surroundings.
Connor looks over to Emma
We can do this as long as we stay together.
Lets make a pact to never get separated from each other. We can do this together.
Of course we can get through this. Just stay together.
Connor gestures Emma to give him her hand. She gabs his hand and they walk forward.

[Scene Two]
Both Connor and Emma walk into the building to see tons of people
And mold on the walls with the sound of people screaming.
They look around looking at all the people yelling to not take their
Children away.
[Woman 1]
No don’t take away my baby! She is all I have!
The guards dragged the woman and child apart. They faught but eventually
The guards won.
Emma and Connor had a surprised face as they pried them apart.
They also looked all the people that were sick and how awful the conditions
They start to get deeper into the crowd
It smells horrible!
I know I can barley bare this.
*Both cover their noses with their t-shirts.
They take a couple of more steps.
There was a sign that says amount time it should take.
Look at that sign. Says it will take us about 4-5 hours.
Good the faster the better.
Time passes and guards are just separating families.
[Regular Man 1]
Don’t you have a family!
[Guard 1]
Yes but we are American!
Shows the guard shoving and pushing the man to the floor.
As if he is a animal.
They walk up to the counter after 2 hours of waiting.

They talk and the man says
[Man 1]
You look a bit pale.
*Points at Emma
Please step off to the side.
No she looks fine! She is healthy as you!
I feel perfectly fine!
They back away to be all protective.
[Man 1]
The guards then...

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