What does being an adult mean to you?

Being an adult come with a lot of responsibilities. As an adult you developed your “own beliefs, morals, and values”. Most of all you want to be a success.

I have been taking care of myself since I was 18th years old. I finish high school and went on to college. Like most young people I did not continue my college education because I wanted to work to make my own money. I realize when I turned 18th or 19th what responsibility was. My mom moves to California, and we were left in Memphis, TN. My sister’s and I shared an apartment; we had to do everything for ourselves. There were times when we made bad choices, but you learn from that. We, as young people, learn how to pay bills, buy furniture and keep up the expense of an apartment. I can also remember, we did not have a car, so we rode the bus back and forth to work.

Being a dependable person is very important, because as an adult, if you are not dependable, people won’t take you seriously. If you say that you are going to do something, live up to your word. Even in working a job, you want to be a person that other can depend on, not taking off all the time. When you demonstrate to other that they can depend on you like your supervisor, and when you change employer and he or she call your supervisor ask her how this person worked out for you. He or she will have only good thing to say about you.

You, as adult, developed morals, you believe in something and you stand by that. Don’t let your guard down; you stand by what you believe in. I believe as an adult you have to set standard for yourself. You can make a choice, whether right or wrong.

You don’t want to be stress out all the time, your mental state is very important. I know there are thing in life that we have to deal with. If you are stress out all the time it might lead to sickness or other health problem. Try to deal with one thing at a time, I know sometimes that...