Elvis Aaron Presely

Elvis Aaron Presely

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Elvis Aaron Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8, 1935. Elvis was born a twin but was raised as a only child. Jessie Garon was the first to be born, and less than a half hour later Elvis Aaron. Jessie had died at birth. Nobody knows for sure if they were identical, but both Gladys (Elvis’ mom) and Elvis belived they were.

Elvis and Gladys had an unusually close relationship. She would not let anyone take him for any length of time. Gladys walked Elvis to school everyday, even in high school.

Elvis was raised in a two bedroom shotgun shack. His house was 15 feet wide and 30 feet long. The reason they call it a “shotgun shack” is because if bullet was to go through their front door it would go straight through to the back door without hitting anything.

Elvis and his family belonged to the First Assembly of God (a Pentecostal church). Elvis referred often to singing in this little church of about 25 people.

In 1945 when Elvis was ten he sang on the radio for his first time. He won second place at the annual Mississippi - Alabama fair and dairy show singing “Old Sheep”. That same year he got his first guitar for his birthday.

On December 4, 1953 Elvis recorded with Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Jonny Cash. In June that year Elvis graduated high school majoring in shop, history, and English. The activies he liked the most were R.O.T.C, biology club, English club, history club, and speech club. Right after graduation Elvis made his first demo.

In 1954 Elvis made his first recording of “That’s all Right” and on the flip side was “Blue Moon of Kentucky” Elvis was a hit!
In 1955 Elvis’ hysteria had begun. He performed on the “Grand Oly Opry” and he made many radio broadcasts and even appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. Elvis had signed a contract with RCA records, and in 1960 he was locked into a major movie deal.

Elvis recorded his first hit single “Heart Break Hotel” in 1956, then “Love Me Tender”,...

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