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DATE: October 22, 2009

TO: Mark Jackson – Manager

FROM: Tazmania

SUBJECT: Wellness Center Project

Research shows when a person is able to properly take care of themselves, there is an increase in production at the work place. There are innumerous benefits for a company when its employees are physically, emotionally and mentally prepared to handle the daily work load.

My proposal is to incorporate a Wellness Center in the River View Plaza Building. The Wellness Center would be accessible to the Digifast employees, any employee working in the River View Plaza and to the friends and family members of such employees.

Some of the benefits of the Wellness Center to the employees would be as follows: More energy to complete tasks; Learn how to make healthy eating choices; More relaxed and able to co-exist with other employees; Positive attitude towards self; Less sickness which means less employees calling out sick and; Better concentration. These are a few of the benefits outlined. The benefits are not only for the employees but for the Company as well.

It is proposed to cost an estimated five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) to open the Wellness Center. I understand this will cost the Company money in the beginning, but three years from now and onward, the Wellness Center would make an average of three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000) a year profit. The profit would derive from new business as well as money the Company will save on health care benefits to employees.

Thank you for the opportunity to present my ideas on this project. I look forward to giving my presentation next month as well as answering any concerns the committee may have.

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