Embarassing Moment

Embarassing Moment

In the plane; A little boy Eric, his dad and mom are sitting on the seats.

A little boy Eric gets so excited in his first flight in his life ever. Everything around him is new to him. He was born and raised in Yugoslavia and has never been to foreign country till he is 6 years old. Now he is about to leave his country. He is just exposed to his new atmosphere from foreign country people now.

Eric can’t stop staring at new people around him: various kinds of people, dark, black and white skin; with blue, green and brown eyes; with odd hair style in turban, braided, permed, colored, straightened and bold; pieced, and tattooed: are everywhere. He feels like coming closer to them to see them more.

His dad and mom are still chatting and never notice their son finally standing up and sneaking around aisles.

CU. Eric is surprised and suddenly shouts to a man who has black skin. Eric points out at him.

Wow! Look at you! You have such a black skin! What’s going on!?

Black guy

Black guy gets frown, and then looks for Eric’s parents to tell them to take him to his seat.
Eric can’t stop his enthusiasm for the black guy and still keeps talking to the black guy.

Black guy
(to Eric wit sigh)
Hmmm… Where are you from? Where is your mom and dad?
Can you leave me alone and get lost? I’m tired…, wanna sleep…

Other passengers buzz with annoyance.

A flight attendant notices them and she is trying to find Eric’s parents to take him to his parents.
Eric’s mom and dad finally notices him away from them and bothers someone with his talk. In a hurry, they show up and take him back to the seat.

Eric’s mom
What were you doing there? Don’t bother someone.
He must feel bad about your talking too much. You made him annoyed.
Be more polite and gentle to people, Eric, OK?
And then don’t point out at someone, that’s very rude.
I told you that! I’m always telling you to be gentleman,
and I thought...

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