Emily's Hope

Emily's Hope

insanity is bliss. emily laughed as she thought about those words she had heard so long ago out of her best friends mothers mouth, and lea's mother would know about mental disorders. now she was feeling that way herself and it wasnt very blissful. it had been such along time since emily had felt that way and she was starting to remember all the pain she had endured all those years. the scars that had healed felt like fresh wounds as she began to cry. she had learned to deal with the depression and hadnt had any symptoms in almost a year, but sadly as she would soon learn this demon wouldnt be buried easily.

emily had lived such a normal life, she grew up on the poor side but her family got by. it wasnt until her teenage years that she started to think she was slipping off the deep end, but no one seemed to notice her withdraw from reality. the only person that could save her a that point was lea. Emily felt that she couldnt live without her.

when emily was younger she liked to sit around with her friends wasting time like all the kids did and she would tell them lets take a mental picture of this exact moment in time so we can remember having this great time together. now she reminises about the old days hangin out all night getting into trouble and remembering those mental pictures. She thinks thats why shes a part time photographer it doesnt bring in much income but its a habit she cant give up. She misses lea so much and often wonders how she is, but ever since their lives were tragicly seperated she cant even bring herself to try.

so she decides to keep dreaming because things have to get better someday. the bad times can only be temporary right? so on a more positive note for the first time in days she smiles in her sleep.

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