emily dickinson

emily dickinson

Emily Dickinson - There is no frigate like a book
Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) is known as posthumous writer. Dickinson’s poetry was greatly influenced by the Metaphysical poets in 17C England. Dickinson idolized the poetry of Robert ,Elizabeth Barett Browning and John Keats. ‘Poems’ was advertised in 1890.The themes of her poems cover death , immortality and letters to his friend.

Emily introduced the idea of book as something that carry us to places without moving an inch. Then, she analogized book to ‘courses’ and ‘frigate’, yet still could not challenged the book. Even the penniless people can travel by book, because it is low-cost. ‘How frugal is the chariot’ means an expensive antique car could be 'frugal' because books and poetry cost next to nothing , yet may take us anywhere at anytime.Dickinson thoughts a book may contain human soul.
The significant issue in this poem is to let the readers understand how beneficial is a book. It may look small and cheap, but the knoeledge inside it is priceless. Next, it also introduced book as the fastest way to obtain knowledge to travel.

Dickinson assumes that a book is miraculous because a cheap book can actually help us to travel fastly and save a lot of time.

Muslims are encouraged to seek knowledge for the sake of betterment in life,as well as hereafter. Surah Al Fathir :28 stated ‘those of his servants only who are possessed of knowledge fear Allah. In simple words, the more knowledgeable you are, the more taqwa you attain (fear of God) you attain. A hadith stated ‘one who earns the knowledge to revive Islam will go to paradise and will be only one step away from the prophrets. Therefore, Muslims should be humble to gather with the humble and prophets in the hereafter.

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