Emotions in Romeo and Juliet - Love

Emotions in Romeo and Juliet - Love

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The emotion love is the most significant theme in the play Romeo and Juliet.
It centres on about the love a couple share for one and another which can result to be quite a powerful, complex and dangerous emotion.

Love has proved to be a very powerful emotion throughout Romeo and Juliet as their deaths confirm that they would do anything just to be together, a quote that signifies this is “Being held a foe, he may not have access to breathe such vows as lovers use to wear and she as much in love, her means much less to meet her new-beloved anywhere nut passion lend them power, time means to meet”.
Other relationships throughout the play have a powerful love like Tybalts love for Juliet and his family, he was very protective of his dear cousin Juliet.
Tybalt dislikes Romeo and protects Juliet from Romeos love, Tybalt states this when he says “It fits when such a villain is a guest I’ll not endure him”.

Juliet still loves Romeo even after he kills Tybalt, this proves there love is very powerful as it supersedes all other emotions like loyalty to their families.
They should have a strong hatred for one and other but is put aside which proves their love would feel the same no matter which family they belonged to, this is verified when Romeo quotes “ tis but thy name that is my enemy tho art Thyself, though not a Montague”.
There friends and family become less significant to both Romeo and Juliet to pursue their love as Juliet quotes “ Deny thy father and refuse thy name or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love and I’ll no longer be a Capulet”.

The feuds between the two family causes great complex as their love evolves into and relationship with immeasurable amounts of secrecy, two examples of this dishonesty are when they lie and go behind their parents back and get married and also the fake of Juliet’s death.
When Romeo is the cause of Tybalts death, complex and distress evolves amongst the family as they are devastated of Tybalts...

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