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In this unit, we are going to study the need for Human resource planner, to understand the trend of employment and unemployment in the economy in which they operate. Analysis of employment trend and distribution which are determined by age, urban migration, education factors is necessary for proper human resource forecasting. Other factors that affect the level employment have to do with the trend of economic development in some sectors of the society like the Manufacturing, Agricultural, Distributive Sector, etc. A proper study of the developments in this sectors will enable Human Resource Planner to strategically forecast human resources requirement at a particular period

Objectives At the end of this unit, you will be able to do the following:
Analyse employment trend in different economic sector of the nation. Explain unemployment trend in modern Nigeria. Differentiate the trend of employment in different sector of the economy. Apply the employment and unemployment trends in human resource forecasting

Discussion The total distribution of total gainful employment in industries indicated by Ojo (1998 p 62-65) shows that in Nigeria for the period of 19601994, 1960, about 72 percent of the total force was engage in Agriculture. Since then accordingly the proportion of the work force in gainful occupation in the agricultural sector has decline gradually, reaching about 60 percent in 1996. The relative neglect of the agricultural sector since the oil boom of the 1970s partly explains the drop in the relative contribution of the sector to total gainful employment

Reflection The manufacturing manufacturing and processing sector was regarded as second in employment generation. It was manufacturing sector that gained most in the provision of employment during 1970s and before the introduction of SAP in 1970.
The manufacturing sector between 1970s and early 1980s, the...

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