Empowerment and Its Relevance to Semco

Empowerment and Its Relevance to Semco

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Discuss the concept of Empowerment and its relevance to Semco

Theories of Empowerment included both processes and outcome suggesting that actions, activities, or structures may be empowering, and that the outcome of such process result in a level of being empowered (swift & Levin, 1987; Zimmerman, in press). Thus, we might assume it’s was a part of organization behavior that we could dividing in three level (exhibition1) in basic model stage II [1] as following
1. Individual-level variables are the characteristic of humanization characteristic which effective to the employee behavior consist of perception, individual decision making, learning and motivation
2. Group level variable are the summary of behavior people in groups to acting the as their own way their for, they have to understand the dynamic of group behavior, advance to the pattern, exhibit of acceptable standard, expectation and attractive of group activities to demonstration how to communication patterns, leadership, power and political, and conflict affect group behaviors.
3. Organization Systems level Variables the highest level of sophistication of individuals and groups level to design the formal of organization dynamic in human resources policies and practice consisting to selection process, training, development program, performance evaluation methods
Instead of Ricardo Semler celebrated book who leading iconoclast of real-world business. he fire the hierarchy traditional management and eliminate most of job titles as describe in the assignment subject . Thus, the significantly of question of Semler is “It's about competitive advantage." He is clear about why he does what he does. The challenge for the rest of us is dealing with the fact that it works[4]

Source: Pearson international edition Stephen P Robbins Timothy A. Judge Organization Behavior, p33
Let access to the internal activities and analytical in conceptual of Semco which became known throughout in the world from...

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