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How does Christopher Nolan use mise-en-scène to ensure that his audience fully understands the key messages of Batman Begins?

Batman Begins was released in 2005 and starred Christian Bale. It takes the audience back to the beginning of Batman.

As the film begins, a colony of bats engulfs the screen making it hard for the audience to see the light coming through. If you look closely enough you can make out the Batman logo, which is the logo of a bat. His fears of bats help create Batman and the director shows this by using the bats to make the bat logo. The light can be interpreted as hope. This could be linked in with him not being able to see hope clearly because of his fear. The next scene takes the audience back to Bruce’s childhood. He finds a spearhead which is later to be found relevant in his future, as he is like a spear for justice, acting as the instrument in the fight against crime and injustice.

As he wakes up from his nightmare, the adult Bruce is surrounded by metal bars. He is caged in a prison like he is caged by his emotions. There is little grass and plenty of mud in the ground that he walks into. This is an example of pathetic fallacy since the dull, bland scene creates a depressing atmosphere and could represent his emotions.

After his fight, he is thrown into a dark room. This room was empty and stripped bare of any necessities. This could represent his emotions stripped from him. The room has one window that lets little light in; he doesn’t let many people in and likes to keep to himself. This could represent Bruce since like the window he lets little in and little out.

When he is thrown out of the van into a deserted place all, the audience can see mountains and a barren landscape. His emotions are also like that, barren. In the distance you can see snow and bad weather, which suggests that his journey will be complicated and difficult; not only his journey to find Ducard but his journey through life. During his journey, he...

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