End of Oil

End of Oil

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Article: “The end of oil is closer than you think” by John Vidal, 21/04/05(Energy Resources)

The article righted by John Vidal, tells us about the end of oil.
In his article he tells us what will happen when the oil peak, what will be the world reactions, how will this affect the world. To right this article he mentions the English ecologist, Colin Campbell, who has been in the business of oil almost his entire life and knows almost everything about this worldwide problem.

Colin Campbell was born in Berlin, Germany in 1931. After awarded a PhD at Oxford in 1957, Dr Campbell joined the oil industry as an exploration geologist. His career took him to Borneo, Trinidad, Colombia, Australia, Papua New Guinea, the USA, Ecuador, United Kingdom, Ireland and Norway.
He is now a Trustee of the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre ("ODAC"), a charitable organisation in London that is dedicated to researching the date and impact of the peak and decline of world oil production due to resource constraints, and raising awareness of the serious consequences. He has published extensively, and his recent articles have stimulated lively debate. His views are provocative yet carry the weight of a wide international experience. That makes the doctor Colin Campbell a very trustable source about the oil sources, and the terrified phenomenon known as “oil peak”.

The “oil peak” is a theory from M. King Hubbert; it is the timeframe at which the maximum petroleum production rate is reached. After this timeframe, the rate of production will enter terminal decline.

Are all forms of modern technology actually petroleum products?
The answer, you like it or not, is yes. It's not just transportation and agriculture that are entirely dependent on abundant, cheap oil. Modern medicine, water distribution, and national defense are each entirely powered by oil and petroleum derived chemicals. In addition to transportation, food, water, and modern medicine, mass quantities of...

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