Endangered Species

Endangered Species

Endangered Species: We Spend Too Much Money On Saving Them.

There is and has been too much money spent on saving endangered animals. We can not

save nature from itself. Also some, if not most, animals serve no real purpose to man. The reasons

for saving endangered species might seem obvious to many people, but many question why we

should save a species from dying out. Isn't this part of the process of natural selection? Is there any

environmental benefit to preserving a dying species? According to Bright Hub Media, “The

conservation efforts often cut local industries short that depend on the same land the species

require, like farming, logging and mining. So stunting the local economy often proves all the more

deadly for endangered species, as the locals turn to poaching and other illegal, environmentally-

damaging alternatives to earn the money to even just feed the kids.”

So, let's first start off by finding out what is an endangered species and why are they

endangered? A species is considered endangered if it is at a risk of becoming extinct, which can be

due to a number of reasons, from climate change to human influence to even arguably natural

causes. So, whether a species is considered endangered or not is not just looking at the current

number of specimens existing, but also at the overall trend of species growth or decline and the

reasons why. There are at least 639 endangered animals listed on the US endangered species list.

The money spent on these animals is staggering and should be a crime.

According to Don Coursey, with the University of Chicago, 4.8 million dollars was

spent to protect a single Florida panther. The recovery effort involved in restoring the population...

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