ender's game

ender's game

The book I have chosen to read on the first week of May is named Ender's

Game. Ender’s game is a science fiction book about a young genius. The author of this

book is Orson Scott Card. Mr. Card has written four books about Ender and the story of

his life. This book starts when Ender is only six years old. Ender's real name is Andrew

Wiggin, but he was given the name of Ender as a nickname. Ender has one sister,

Valentine and one brother named Peter. Ender loves Valentine, but does not like his

brother because he has an evil spirit. In this book all of the children wear a special

device on their neck that allows people to look at their actions and intelligence. The

adults do this because they want to recruit the smartest of all the children and make

them into soldiers and commanders. This process is done because an alien race

(Buggers) attacked the human race over fifty years ago. Ender will be put into a position

to save the world, but he has to pass rigorous training first.

The protagonist of this story is Andrew 'Ender' Wiggin. In this book Ender ages

from 6 to 22. Ender is smarter than all the other boys that he knows. He is afraid of his

brother and some bullies at school, but he is fully aware that if he does not stand up to

them he will keep being tortured. He is mainly picked of for being a third; the name is

given to him because in the book people are only supposed to have two children, but the

Wiggins family were allowed three. The government has been in control of Ender from

his childhood up to age twelve. One day he was put to a test and he accomplished the

test without even knowing about it. Upon completion he was then taken to Battle School

where the government taught the children, and partook in battles within zero gravity. In

this Battle School the government tried to isolate Ender and kept moving him from group

to group, so he had to work to get recognized....

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