Enders Game

Enders Game

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Imagine; you are thirteen years old and the human race is depending on you. You’ve left your family and you have to train yourself and 300 kids to fight and kill another species. In the book “Ender’s Game” by Scott Orson Card is about just that. Another species, called Buggers attacked Earth twice nearly destroying the human race. In the future every kid who is very intelligent, and who the government thinks could defeat the Buggers is sent to Mars. On Mars they train you and see if one day you could become a general and possibly lead the war against the Buggers.

The Wiggin family had one kid, Peter who was one of the smartest kids anyone has ever seen, but was too violent to be taken to Mars he would always put his brother and sister down. Then they had Valentine, just like Peter but too sweet and compassionate to go into battle she was the nicest, she always had something encouraging to say. Every family is only allowed to have two kids but because of the outstanding intelligence of Peter and Valentine they were allowed a third. So they had Andrew who was exactly who they wanted the Wiggins to have. Andrew grew up while Peter would always tell him that Andrew’s purpose was only to go to Mars and save Earth. Andrew and Valentine were like best friends they would tell each other everything and they would protect each other from their violent older brother, Peter. I think Andrew was very brave and he had to be stubborn because his brother would always tell him he couldn’t do something.

While the government took Andrew to Mars all the other kids were really mean to him just because they knew that Andrew was the best. The Mars community was under a bubble but you could still see the red sky. I felt really bad for Andrew because the longer he stayed the better he got, and everyone knew it. Andrew would train by himself because he had no friends; everyone would always be jealous of his ranking of #1.

My favorite part is when all the teachers and trainers...

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